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Mold your next design with BEACON

Beacon Composites has a wealth of experience in composite manufacturing. Whether you need production runs or a single prototype part, we can help you design and manufacture your needs

We specialize in:

CNC Routing: Precision machining for various materials.

Tooling, Plugs & Mold Making: Creating durable and accurate molds.

•Carbon / Fiberglass Parts: High-quality composite parts for various applications.

CNC Machine in Operation - Cutting Plywood Patterns
Completed CNC Machined Fiberglass Mold
Resin Infusion in Progress

Our comprehensive services include:

Mold / Tool Making

Open Molded Fiberglass Parts

Closed Molded Parts


Silicon Bagging

Resin Infusion / Vacuum Bagging

Design and Prototyping

CNC Services

Fiberglass Parts


Custom Fiberglass Parts

About us

Beacon Composites fabricates industrial, commercial, and architectural composite parts from fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fiber. Additionally, we have the capability to create molds and plugs with our 2 CNC Routers with a 4x8 table and nearly 4 feet of Z- axis height and a 5x12 table.

We are proud to be the only authorized builder for Interlake, Y-Flyer, and Thistle Sailboats. We are also the only authorized builder of Finn Class sailboats in North America.

Beacon Composites is located in Creedmoor NC, just north of the Triangle area. We are actively soliciting new projects.

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